Samsung BP96-01472A Replacement Lamp for Samsung DLP TV
Samsung BP96-01472A Replacement Lamp for Samsung DLP TV
Manufacturer : Buslink
Amazon Price : $23.85
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Avg. Customer Rating:3.5 of 5.0
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Compatible Models for Samsung DLP Replacement Projection Lamp/Bulb BP96-01472A: 42" Samsung Projection DLP TV Models: HL-S4266W (HLS4266W) 46" Samsung Projection DLP TV Models: HLS4666W (HL-S4666W) 50" Samsung Projection DLP TV Models: HL-S5065W (HLS5065W) ,HL-S5086WX (HLS5086WX), HL-S5087WX (HLS5087WX), HL-S5088WX (HLS5088WX), HL-T5055W (HLT5055W) 56" Samsung Projection DLP TV Models: HL-S5686W (HLS5686W), HL-S5687W (HLS5687W), HL-S5688W (HLS5688W) 61" Samsung Projection DLP TV Models: HL-S6167W (HLS6167W), HL-S6186W (HLS6186W), HL-S6165W (HLS6165W), HL-S6187W (HLS6187W), HL-S6188W (HLS6188W), HL-T6156W (HLT6156W) 67" Samsung Projection DLP TV Models: HL-S6767W (HLS6767W) 71" Samsung Projection DLP TV Models: HL-S7178W (HLS7178W) Specifications: 132W
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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #60925 in Office Product
  • Brand: Buslink
  • Dimensions: 5.20" h x 5.70" w x 7.70" l,
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    1Bad Idea
    By David Carroll
    The price of this bulb was too hard to resist. Buying a new bulb from a retailer was going to cost $159. I went ahead and purchased this bulb expecting a life of more than 3.5 months. The original bulb lasted 4.5 years. I gambled and loss. The TV just quit working one day. There was no sign that the bulb was going out nor was there any sign the bulb was bad once I removed it from the TV and inspected it. I went ahead and purchased another bulb from Frys for $159. It came in a box clearly identifying it as coming form Philips and was packaged very well. This replacement bulb came in a small unmarked box and was in comparison poorly packed. The original bulb was a Philips bulb so I'm expecting to get a few years out of this bulb. The bulb from Frys come with a 6 month warranty and I extended it to 1 year by purchasing it on my American Express.

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    5Very easy install and perfect replacement for the original bulb that gave out... Great buy !
    By Steve H
    I had an old projector big screen we purchased brand new and kept it in our basement for our little guy to play video games on. Finally one day after years of use, The picture went black. yes the good old bulb finally bit the big one... It died. I searched for a cheaper replacement bulb since this was very rarely used any more. It was super easy to remove the original bulb in the box and replace it with this new Samsung bulb. It worked great and just as well as the original. We ended up giving the projector TV away to some friends just before we moved from Hawaii so not sure if it's still working ? But was working fine while we had it and again a very easy install and perfect replacement for the original bulb that was in the TV.

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    5I've used it for 5 months
    By Buyer
    I was skeptical about buying this, extremely skeptical.

    When it comes to things like this I usually go with the brand name because nobody wants to take their tv apart every few months or waste money. Sometimes you pay more for quality.

    I'll try to update this in a year, but after 5 months I've been proven wrong. This bulb has worked perfectly since the day I got it, it's bright, crisp, and I can't tell a difference between it and the bulb that originally came with my tv new.

    I read the reviews of people that said theirs burnt out after a short amount of time, maybe they just had bad luck, or maybe they touched the bulb with their bare hands which is a big no no when installing them.

    For me though this has turned out to be one of the smarter gambles I've made this year. Given what I know now I'd buy this again without a second thought.

    EDIT: UPDATE, Well... about a week after I made this review my tv turned off randomly. Turning itself off was what it started to do with my old official bulb before it finally went out about a year after the random shutdowns started. However, I will say this. Just like the original bulb when it turned itself off I'd wait about 45 seconds to a minute then turned the tv on again. If it turned off again, rinse repeat. It did this sporadically some days once a day, other days a few times a day, some days not at all. It's been about a week since it did it last. Like my old bulb it seems if you do this it eventually it stops turning off again. To put a rough estimate on it, maybe a week of the random shutting down, waiting, then turning it on again - but now it's working fine again.

    To summarize what I think now, it was $40 bucks when I bought it. The official one costs three times that. At this point I'm less sure that I would purchase one again than I was when I originally made this review. But all things considered it still might be a better deal than getting an official one. On the other hand I will admit when you're right in the middle of an online game and the screen goes black that can produce some very negative emotions. Would I still recommend it, yes. But as long as the recommendation comes with the aforementioned caveats.

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