Panasonic KX-TG4744B DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System, Black, 4 Handsets (Discontinued By Manufacturer)
Panasonic KX-TG4744B DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System, Black, 4 Handsets (Discontinued By Manufacturer)
Manufacturer : Panasonic
Amazon Price : $150.00
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Product Description
Panasonic High Quality Phone System with Answering Capability - New Retail Packaging
Product Details
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Model: KXTG4744B
  • Platform: Windows
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 6.00" h x 7.00" w x 10.00" l, 2.00 pounds
  • Display size: 1.8
  • Product Features
  • DECT 6.0 Plus Technology
  • 4 Cordless Handsets
  • Single line
  • Digital Answering Machine - Included
  • Amplified Handset Volume with Dedicated Volume Key
  • Customer Reviews

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    924 of 942 people found the following review helpful.
    By Crystal
    I've had many Panasonic phones over the past 30 years. It is the only brand I trust for quality and customer service. The last one I had was KX-TGA402. There was no back light and it didn't have a speaker ID. I could never see the caller ID when I was on the phone with some one else. After a few years it stopped ringing in one room and I didn't want to purchase a range extender which Panasonic does sell. The back/lit panel is the largest and brightest I've ever had. About 1.8 inches by 1 1/4. Even with the light off you can read the date and time very easily. The key pad has larger than usual easy to press buttons. So easy to set up, it really is a breeze.It takes 7 hours to charge but I received a phone call within 30 minutes of setting it up. The phone book and everything else is set on all 4 phones with just one entry. The answering machine is loud and clear and so is the caller ID when the phone rings... The manual spells everything out very easily and clearly.. I did have one question about entering my greeting. Customer service answered quickly and was most courteous and helpful. My husband has a hearing problem but he has no problem with this phone either listening or hearing the phone ring.. The volume control is on the side which is very convenient compared to pushing a button to see the bars expand while you're talking. I checked Panasonic online before I purchased this. It was the only Dect 6 Plus that said NEW so I assumed it would be the most advanced. Amazon was also about $11 less than the retail price. Another helpful feature is that there is message counter lit in bright red so when the phone is off you can always see how many messages are stored. Another plus is that when you have a Voice Mail message there is a 1 1/8 inch bar on the top of the receiver that flashes on and off (the indicator light). You can't miss it. There will be a lit message on the display that you have Voice Mail waiting for you.. If you have entered your VM phone # in your phone book just click under VM and Voice Mail will automatically be dialed for you. This light also flashes on and off for an answering machine message. I've never seen this feature on another pnone before-- if you are in another room other than the base you can listen to your answering machine messages on any handset in any room!!! I am so happy with this phone. I can't recommend it highly enough.
    I am adding this information a few days after installation, as it is not included in the instruction booklet on page 32 as it should be. If you subscribe to Caller ID this is important to know. When you refer to caller list - the name, date and time appear but not the caller's phone number. This is the first Panasonic phone I've had where there was no number. I called Panasonic and they told me to press the right arrow on the Navigator key which is the large black button with the 4 arrows. The phone number will immediately appear. If you press the left arrow the caller list appears but without the phone #. I hope this is of help.
    August 29,2012 update. I'm still extremely happy with this phone, more so than ever.

    UPDATE: MAY 21 One of my handsets stopped ringing. I called Panasonic at 1 800 211 7262. The rep courteously walked me thru the repair. Click on menu and then pound #. Press in 160 and it said volume OFF. I used the up arrow and made the ringer as loud as possible and then pressed SAVE! I just saved alot of money as I thought was going to have to purchase a new handset.

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    5Another Great cordless Panasonic Phone. I've purchased 2 different Panasonic systems - compared here. This is their best phone
    By JustAnotherEngineer
    I just purchased the Panasonic KX-TG4745B for my elderly parents. I hooked this system up in my home first, to test it out, prior to setting it up in my parent's home. I have been using another Panasonic system for about a year (the KX-TG6645B) which is still available and still listed on Panasonic's web site. In fact, I liked my older 6645B so much, I purchased a second system for my sister. So, with the purchase of this model, I have inadvertently created a hands on test of this year's Panasonic KX-TG4745B and my slightly older Panasonic KX-TG6645B (first introduced as a 2011 model yet still sold as a 2012 model).

    All of these Panasonic cordless phone systems are near flawless.

    Great voice quality, a near endless array of features, and great range.

    So what are the differences between the KX-TG4745B (new for 2012) and my slightly older KX-TG6645B (first introduced in 2011 yet still listed as a 2012 model)

    Not much, yet a few important differences did emerge.

    The newer model (4745B) has MUCH LARGER KEYS. A definite plus for everyone but particularly useful to the elderly or those with impaired eyesight. I think these larger keys would be welcomed by all. The Actual Number of Keys and their FUNCTION is the SAME on both models, they are just much larger on the 4745B.

    The newer model (4745B) is certainly louder - and it has a dedicated rocker switch built into the side of the handset to adjust volume. One of my minor complaints about the older 6645B was that it was just adequate in volume, even at its very highest settings, and you had to press a menu key to increase the volume (see my review of that model). Once again, the newer 4745B is better. It is clearly louder and the volume adjustment is far more intuitive as well as easier because of a dedicated rocker switch on the side of the handset.

    The display on the older 6645B is slightly larger and a little bit better. However the text is huge on both models and both displays are quite clear. Even with poor eyesight, the displays on both models are near perfect. But as I look at both models, side by side, I'd have to say I prefer the older model (6645B) by a very small margin but I would not let that influence my purchasing decision. The differences are very minor and the text is huge on both.

    Range - it appears to be about equal on both models. I actually did a walking test outside my house switching between both models. In general, the range is amazing. While all my older cordless phones stopped working just outside of my garage door, both Panasonics work about 100 feet or more from the base unit and far beyond my garage door. Amazing! Note as you get maybe 100 feet from the base unit you might hear some hiss. Within my large home the connection is perfect - completely absent of any hiss or any other audio anomalies but outside - if you are really far from the base unit, some hiss is present.

    The older model (6645B) can power the base unit in the event of a power outage - the newer model cannot. I would not view that as a major advantage for the 6645B since you only have a few hours of use before the batteries are depleted and depending on who provides your phone service - the basic phone service may not be working during a power outage, so even if your cordless phones are powered up - your basic phone service may not be on. So any advantage is likely minimal. You really should have one hard wired basic phone in your house - the cost is minimal from $10.00 to $25.00

    Whatever model you choose - these Panasonics are near perfect. Great voice quality, range and near perfect displays. I've now purchased three sets - two as gifts

    One final piece of advice: I'd strongly recommend you purchase one more handset than you think you'll need given the low cost of an additional handset when purchasing a package. Purchasing separate handsets at a later date is much more expensive. Frankly, I'd just buy 5 handsets even if you can't figure out where you will use them all.

    The voice quality of these phones is nothing short of superb - on either model - no hiss - or other audio anomalies except at extreme ranges. Simply perfect voice quality!!! As noted - the 4745B is a bit louder and has a rocker switch on the side of the handset to adjust volume.

    Cordless phones have finally been perfected! You will not be disappointed by either model of these Panasonic phones but the 4745B is the better choice given its better ergonomics and louder volume.

    Both models use a newer frequency which is not shared with wireless routers, microwave ovens, older cordless phones, etc. On either model of phone I have never experienced hiss or any other type of problem unless you are at an extreme range. Within my large home, the sound quality is flawless.

    One LAST Update (April 2013): Panasonic just released literature on their 2013 phones. Most of the 2013 models will NOT be available until May/June 2013. While there are a few additional features on a few select models - keep in mind - cordless phones have already matured. I love my 2011/2012 Panasonic cordless phones. Yet some newer ones offer integration with cell phones via bluetooth, if you happen to have that need. Personally I see no major benefits for 2013 except for cell phone integration

    For May/June 2013 I'd recommend the KX-TG6845B - it is essentially the same phone. The last number relates to the number of handsets so a KX-TG6845B has 5 handsets, a KX-TG6844B has 4, a KX-TG6843B - 3, etc.

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    4Reliable and feature-rich phone system
    By Shantanu
    I have been using this cordless phone system for over a month now. I upgraded from an older DECT 6 system from Panasonic which also worked very well for me. Here are some things I loved, and things I didn't:


    1. Handset is easy to hold, large and backlit buttons makes it easy to dial out in low light.

    2. I use only four handsets and the fifth is stored as a backup. Cheaper than having to buy another one seperately!

    3. Sound quality and range are very good.


    1. Haven't liked the usability of their Address Book. Too many clicks to get to the right names. A quick dial capability for favorite names would have been helpful.

    Overall a great buy. Not sure if DECT 6+ adds to the range over DECT 6; I am assuming it does, but haven't tested it that way.

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