Premium Children Magnetic Chore Chart for Up to 4 Children - NEW Yoyoboko Ele-fun Star Chart
Premium Children Magnetic Chore Chart for Up to 4 Children - NEW Yoyoboko Ele-fun Star Chart
Manufacturer : Yoyoboko
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Product Description
Yoyoboko's "Ele-fun Star Chart" aims to encourage responsibility and independence of kids at an early age. The reward chart acknowledges children's positive behavioral changes by rewarding them and keeping them motivated to continue being responsible. Children can collect stars for the kid's chore chart each time they demonstrate the relevant behavior and then exchange the stars for a reward later on. The frame of the magnet sheet can be stuck on the fridge and used to store the rest of the unused stars.

After considering parental feedback, Yoyoboko has created the "Ele-fun Star Chart" to address these suggestions. The responsibility chart features interesting and vibrant graphics to appeal to children, while also catering to those who can't read yet. It includes 18 activity magnets and 3 blank ones for additional chores to be added. Unlike other chore charts, there is plenty of space for multiple stars to be awarded for chores that can be done more than once a day. Up to four children can use the magnetic chore board simultaneously. The different colours of the 448 green, pink, blue and yellow stars to represent each child will correspond with the name/rewards box on the behavior chart. The reward chart comes with a dry erase marker as well.

NOW available the Supplemental Chore Pack for children who are ready to take on greater responsibilities. Why not use the chores along with the children? The advance chores are suitable for parents too, such as to remind yourself to mow the lawn or wash the car. Even adults can make use of the blank tiles for goal based reward system, for example exercise for 30 minutes, go on certain diet for a week and so on. Don't forget to reward yourself and have fun too!

We are passionate about children, which is why a percentage of profit from this product will be donated to Save the Children's foundation. Yoyoboko's Ele-Fun Star Chart comes with a satisfaction guarantee.
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #21332 in Office Product
  • Size: 16.3 x 13.4 x 0.6
  • Color: Rainbow
  • Brand: Yoyoboko
  • Model: YB-0316-0331-01
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .60" h x 13.40" w x 16.30" l, 1.30 pounds
  • Product Features
  • ENCOURAGES RESPONSIBILITY - rewards kids for demonstrating positive behavior, motivate and acknowledge kids who are trying to change their behavior
  • BRAND NEW IMPROVED BEHAVIOR CHART! - for 4 kids, bigger boxes for more stars for chores that can be done more than once a day, stronger magnets, illustrated chores for younger ones who can't read yet.
  • PROMOTE INTERACTION WITH KIDS - Having regular discussion about their responsibilities can strengthen the bond between you and your children
  • NOW CATER FOR MORE - use this chart for up the 4 children, even parents can share the chores with their kids and have fun, adults deserve rewards too if chore are accomplished
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS light weight, dry erase magnetic star chart tested and approved with a Children's Product Certificate by CPSC and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee
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    5Well worth the price! My children are behaving much better! Great reward system!
    By Jane
    This magnetic Yoyoboko Ele-fun Star Chart is an awesome way to promote positive behavior in the home. My kids absolutely love keeping track of the stars they are earning each day. It came in perfect condition, with a thick rope at the top for hanging from a thumbtack. It comes with 18 activity magnets that have both words and a picture on it, four blank magnets, dry erase marker with eraser, and 448 stars in each color: green, blue, yellow and pink. I like that it has both words and pictures on the activity cards, because both my 2 and 5 year old can clearly understand what each job is.

    Now that it is summer, we are spending a lot of time at home, and this chart has been helping me to get things done around the house. At the beginning of the week, we set a reward; for example, this week if the boys get enough stars, they will receive a $2 allowance. By giving the kids a choice in which jobs to post for the week, they get invested in the activity and are more likely to behave and follow through. That is a nice thing about having the four blank magnets, because you can tailor this chart to your specific needs. You can also write in a job selection with the included dry erase marker.

    This chart also teaches them how to use this kind of chart. They learn to find the day of the week and match it up to each chore. My 5-year-old has turned this into our nightly routine. We go in the hall and see which stars he has earned today. And little brother always wants to be like his older brother, so it is rubbing off on him as well.

    I would absolutely recommend this for any home that has children of all ages. Although the description recommends it for ages 3-8, we have ours hung up high enough to where the kids cannot reach it so it is safe for my little one with no risk of him choking on the tiny stars. I also think this would be great for older children as the chores are varied and you can write in your own. I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it, as it is priced well for the quality! I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review and feedback. The views expressed are 100% my own.

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    5May be better for older children who will understand
    By VenVen
    May be better for older children who will understand. My child just turned 3 and likes getting his stars and being able to choose different colors. I give him the star as soon as thebactivity is done so it's associated with getting the star. There are label areas for 4 children all having different colors. The days of the weeks are below that area and then there are magnetic labels with different chores. It's larger than 12x12 and comes with a marker. There's a string that can be used to hang the table. It's pretty light so those hangers you stick to walls can be used to hang it. I wish there was a pocket of some sort at the back to keep the stars so I wouldn't lose them. The labels have child like drawings so they can relate to the actions being done. The magnets are not heavy and stay even the stars. We're having fun with this. I keep it in my child's room. I received this at a dicounted price in exchange for a review and think it's worth the original cost. It's fun. My child wanted to go crazy and just stick star on so I had to take some control.

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    5A cute fun way to motivate your kids
    By Beena
    A cute fun way to motivate and remind your kids to do their chores in the home. Each chore card has picture along with the words that is very nice for your younger children that can't read yet. I like how colorful this chart is, the shape of this chart is an elephant. This chore chart hangs on the rope on top it does not magnetic to your fridge. The board is magnetic to hold on the chore cards and stars. This chart can do up to four children, Each child having his or hers color of stars. This chart only comes with three blank chore cards, I do wish is came with more to personalize it a bit more, to our family needs. The board came with a dry erase marker and is able to be written upon. I personally feel like this is more of a reminder chart then a chore chart. But it will help my kids to earn their stars and rewards for thing like reading and helping others.
    I recieved this motivating chore chart for a discount or my honest and unbiased review.

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